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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy Miata Club of Sweden

1. Personal data manager The club's chairperson is the personal data controller.

2. Data saved Miata Club of Sweden only saves the personal data you specify when you register as member or who you specify on our forum. This mainly includes names and contact information. The purpose of saving this information is to be able to send out the member magazine, membership card and other information from the club. By entering this data yourself, you agree that it is saved.
We do not store any sensitive data.

3. Time for storage
Data is saved until your membership ends, plus 30 days.

4. Third party
In cases where we share personal data with third parties, the club signs an assistance agreement. This can e.g. include suppliers who send out our member magazine or membership card.

5. Third country
Miata Club of Sweden does not share personal information with suppliers outside the EU.

6. Request personal information, request personal data deleted or questions? Contact