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Rx-7 parts in sweden..?

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  • Rx-7 parts in sweden..?


    I own a -93 mazda rx-7.. problem is that i live in Finland and we dont have any company that sell parts to my car (bodykits, lights etc.) so i have to ask that is there in Sweden any "tuningstores" that sell parts to rx-7...

    btw. is there many 3gen rx-7`s in Sweden?


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    Rx-7 parts in sweden..?

    Well, we have those Mazdas in sweden, but they are not so very common. However there are some companies that are specialized on Japs. One of them that i know is , and i belive that they can provide you with the parts you are looking for... If they dont have it, they will get it for you... Check it out! Of course, there are more than this, but you know, we are pretty much into Miatas, and we have to buy all our stuff abroad... Good luck!
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